IX: Ode to Buenos Aires

While I was in Salta, I stayed in a room with three English girls I met in Iguazu. On our first morning together, I was given two scones at breakfast while Eve got only one. Naturally, she concluded that if anything bad happened that day, it would be due to her lack of scone satisfaction. In an attempt to appease her, I wrote her an apology poem, composed solely of rhyming couplets I hurriedly made up at the table. The following poem was written in about the same amount of time, with roughly the same amount of editing.

Given that Eve didn’t accept my poempology – and in fact said it was one of the worst poems she had ever heard – I wouldn’t get your hopes up for this one. But, at the very least, I hope it makes you smile.

A Love Poem to Buenos Aires

It’s hard to know just where to begin

When writing to a city I’ve barely lived in.

I’ve seen many places all over the globe

But there’s something about you that just doesn’t get old.

Maybe it’s your pink palace, perfectly off-kilter

Or your wide streets, cleared of most litter.

Perhaps colourful Boca is where my heart lies

Or in Recoleta’s parks, gazing up at the skies.

Listening to music by markets or pubs,

Dancing with friends in one of your clubs.

The tango, that dance of spins and thrill –

I hope that one day I can learn such a skill!

Maybe it’s dear Palermo that keeps me up all night

Laughing with locals until the sky is bright

Or the parties at Milhouse where the crowd is just right

And the room may be dark but my heart is so light.

The delight of asado, that slow feast of cow,

And snacking on empanadas (I could use one right now!)

Is it in Santelmo with its market so vast

That made me fall in love with your city so fast?

Or is it because of all the places I roam

You were the one that made me feel most at home?

I know not all is well and good

When protests are frequent in your neighbourhood

And inflation skyrockets up so much

That TripAdvisor prices are quite out of touch.

But in spite of all that I find you exciting,

The kind of place that still is inviting

And I know that one day if I have enough peso

I’d be lucky to live in this city of jamón y queso.

So thanks Buenos Aires for all that you are,

As far as fun goes you’re way above par.

And I know not to cry, not at morning or noon

Because it’s not really goodbye, just see you again soon!


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